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Rintala, A., Apers, S., Eisele, G., & Verhoeven, D. (2022). BRIEFING AND DEBRIEFING IN AN EXPERIENCE SAMPLING STUDY. In I. Myin-Germeys & P. Kuppens (Eds.), The Open Handbook of Experience Sampling Methodology: A step-by-step guide to designing, conducting, and analyzing ESM studies (pp. 119–134). Independently published.


This chapter aims to inform you about the importance of implementing a briefing and debriefing session with your participant within your ESM study. If you are designing a study using ESM, a briefing session will be one of the most important parts of your study. This is mainly because your participant is required to answer the ESM questionnaires without the researchers’ presence in their daily life (Palmier-Claus et al., 2011), therefore your participant needs to be informed quite extensively about the ESM procedure before the study starts. Absence of the researcher or the lack of a proper briefing session might increase the risks of mistakes or violation of the study protocol. Therefore, to minimize these risks, participants must be properly informed about the procedures of the study. An effective briefing is also crucial to ensure compliance and data quality of your study (Palmier-Claus et al., 2011; Rintala et al., 2019). The aim of a successful briefing session is to motivate your participant to follow your study protocol. Within this chapter, we will take you through all the necessary steps to establish an effective briefing session.