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Hagen, S., Bishop, E. L., Koščík, M., Vavra, M., Štebe, J., Ryan, L., Payne, E., Løvlie, A. G., Rød, L.-M., Straume, Ø., & Myhren, M. H. (2019). Report on legal and ethical framework and strategies related to access, use, re-use, dissemination and preservation of social media data (6.3; p. 47). SERISS project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research. https://seriss.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/D6.3-Report-on-legal-and-ethical-framework-and-strategies...__FINAL.pdf


This deliverable considered the legality and ethics of using social media in research. In terms of research ethics, the subject matters are complex and issues can often only be resolved on a case-by case-basis. Users are encouraged to refer to existing disciplinary codes of practice while being aware that the contents are subject to debate. Work Package 6 of the SERISS project addresses the major legal and ethical challenges facing cross-national social science research which relies on access to large-scale data on an individual level. There was no specific budget allocated for organising the workshops required for D6.1 and D6.2. These workshops were therefore organised in partnership with the SERISS Survey Experts Network with costs met out of the WP5 budget.