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Hesse-Biber, S., & Griffin, A. J. (2013). Internet-Mediated Technologies and Mixed Methods Research: Problems and Prospects. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 7(1), 43–61. https://doi.org/10.1177/1558689812451791


This article provides an examination of a range of mixed methods research projects that employ Internet-mediated technologies (IMT) for data collection. Using a case study approach, this article allows for the uncovering of a process by which IMT are used as a data collection medium in mixed methods praxis. Under the theoretical position of medium theory, the impact of how going online and changing the ‘‘mode’’ of traditional research will be explored. Advantages, drawbacks, as well as ethical issues that emerge for mixed methods using the online medium are highlighted throughout the article. Finally, implications and directions for future research using IMT are discussed.