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Brey, P., Shelley-Egan, C., Rodrigues, R., & Jansen, P. (2017). The Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation – A Reflection on the State of the Art (Based on Findings of the SATORI Project). In R. Iphofen (Ed.), Finding Common Ground: Consensus in Research Ethics Across the Social Sciences (Vol. 1, pp. 185–198). Emerald Publishing Limited. https://doi.org/10.1108/S2398-601820170000001015


The findings are an important means by which partners in the SATORI project will take their next steps: the identification of best practices, the development of proposals for harmonisation and shared standards, and, to the extent possible, the proposal of common principles, protocols, procedures and methodologies for the ethical assessment of research and innovation in the European Union and beyond.