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Zoller, H. M., Fujishiro, K., Mobley, A., & Lehman, E. (2015). Perspectives on Communication and Participation in Research Notification Focus Groups. Health Communication, 30(10), 986–1000. Communication & Mass Media Complete. http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=ufh&AN=108302816&site=ehost-live


Researchers are slowly acknowledging an ethical obligation to inform research participants about study findings. Research notification may help participants become aware of and manage potential health risks. Scholars and practitioners have acknowledged the need for better understanding of this process. This study investigates transcripts of focus groups conducted to gauge audience reactions to notification materials that communicate scientific research findings about occupational exposures. Focus groups are a useful way to tailor notification materials to audiences, but we caution that transmission models of communication used in risk research may obscure the full value of focus groups. The emphasis on translating scientific communication into “lay” language may overlook how scientists and lay audiences can work together to bridge differences in language, experiences, goals, and orientations toward health. This study demonstrates limitations in scientific risk communication that minimize participation in communicating science. The conclusion provides instructive insights for strengthening the process of communicating science. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]