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Colnerud, G. (2015). Ethical dilemmas in research in relation to ethical review: An empirical study. Research Ethics, 10(4), 238–253. https://doi.org/10.1177/1747016114552339


The aim of the present article is to contribute empirically derived knowledge about Swedish researchers’ experience of ethical problems, conflicts and dilemmas in their research practice in relation to the ethical vetting legislation and procedure. The study has been carried out using the critical incident technique, with researchers from various disciplines providing examples from their own research practice of problems relating to research ethics. The analysis of the researchers’ responses indicates three phenomena, partly in line with similar studies in other countries: (i) the law of ethical vetting puts limits on the relevant research ethical questions; (ii) it is not possible to anticipate all questions of research ethics; and (iii) there are consequences to the fact that the boards for ethical vetting ignore problems that fall outside the law.