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Sidze, S. M., Köhler, T., & Szarzynski, J. (2018). Ethical Issues in Collecting Data from Informant of the Field. In F. M. Dobrick, J. Fischer, & L. M. Hagen (Eds.), Research Ethics in the Digital Age (p. pp 101-104). Springer VS. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-12909-5_9


The current paper seeks to analyze ethical challenges that researchers face while conducting data collection activities on the field. Information provided in this paper derives from a 7-months field work in Cameroon (Central Africa) with the aim to collect data necessary to evaluate governmental strategies for public education and capacity building on climate change. One significant element that embodies ethical codes in data collection tool is the use of the Informed Consent Form. The experience described in this paper aims to show that despite its importance for ethical considerations, in some situations, implementing the Inform Concern Form may rather represent a hindrance to the process of data collection.