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Dingwall, R., Iphofen, R., Lewis, J., Oates, J., & Emmerich, N. (2017). Towards Common Principles for Social Science Research Ethics: A Discussion Document for the Academy of Social Sciences. In R. I. FAcSS (Ed.), Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity (Vol. 1, pp. 111–123). Emerald Publishing Limited. https://doi.org/10.1108/S2398-601820170000001010


The Academy has promoted discussion among its member learned societies in order to explore the possibility of defining common elements among the various disciplines’ approaches to research ethics. The following statement of principles has been developed from this process. The Academy now invites its member societies to consider working, separately or together, to revise their own ethics statements, reflecting the particular circumstances of their own disciplines, on the foundation of these principles. Where appropriate, member societies might also consider collaborating to develop model clauses that could be incorporated as standard modules within their ethical statements. By looking to share principles and, where possible, operational language, there can be greater clarity about what is accepted as ethical practice by most or all UK social scientists – and where the circumstances of particular disciplines means that a different approach is required.